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The A&A-Scheduler application is designed to work with microcontrollers. A task scheduler designed to control Arduino and other microcontroller platforms using Android devices. Communication with the microcontroller is carried out using a USB UART adapter. A&A-Scheduler automatically recognizes USB UART adapter drivers and attempts to send a request to the microcontroller, waiting for a ready response. After receiving the ready signal, the A&A-Scheduler will send the appropriate commands to the microcontroller according to the planned schedule. A&A-Scheduler runs in the background.

Devices on the Android OS are quite affordable and widely used in everyday life. There is a wide variety of such devices. Is it possible to create automatic control systems with the delegation of some tasks to these devices? One of the most common tasks is actions that are performed according to given time parameters. This application was created to solve these problems. Having a fairly flexible interface, it allows you to plan and reschedule the call of actions according to the specified time parameters without much effort.

When installed, the application asks for permission to save energy. Because it works in the background and we do not need the Android OS to suspend its work for some reason, then we need to confirm this permission. Also, during installation, the “Assistant” folder is created in the “Download” folder of your device and the “Picture” folder in it, and this requires permission to write to disk. Without confirming all permissions, the application will not start. Be careful when assembling your project, choosing materials, connection cables, etc. You are responsible for everything you do. Before connecting the platform you have assembled or purchased, make sure everything is in good condition and meets the requirements.