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The A&A-Scheduler application is designed to work with microcontrollers. A task scheduler designed to control Arduino and other microcontroller platforms using Android devices. Communication with the microcontroller is carried out using a USB UART adapter. A&A-Scheduler automatically recognizes USB UART adapter drivers and attempts to send a request to the microcontroller, waiting for a ready response. After receiving the ready signal, the A&A-Scheduler will send the appropriate commands to the microcontroller according to the planned schedule. A&A-Scheduler runs in the background.

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Before installing the application (A&A-Scheduler) install the demo (A&A-Sched-demo) version. Decide if it meets your requirements, make sure that you managed to coordinate the connection scheme of your microcontroller with the operation of the application. If the principles of the demo version suit you, then you can proceed to install the full version.

There are two main differences between the full version and the demo version.

First difference

In the full version, you can schedule three types of tasks. The first type is a task that runs periodically starting from a certain date and time at each specified time interval. The second type is a task that is performed on selected days of the week with an indication of the execution time. The third type is a task scheduled to run at a specific date and time.

In the demo version, you can schedule one type of task, this is the third type.

Second difference

In the full version, you can create up to 10 tasks, while in the demo, you can create only one task.

The demo version is provided for debugging your project before you switch to the full version.